Professional Fireworks Displays

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There’s something magical about the way fireworks fill the sky with exploding shapes, luminous colors and triumphant finales full of crackles, booms and whistles. They bring communities together, make the hairs on our arms stand up and remind us of warm, summer nights watching the sky when we were kids. That’s exactly why we got into this business!

For over 35 years, Northstar Fireworks has been the mastermind behind many of the spectacular displays you’ve seen at the most special events. Our safety-conscious aerial artists work with you to design a custom display for your event and budget. We also help you acquire all necessary permits and provide all applicable certificates of insurance. Having fireworks is surprisingly affordable, and our consultation and site visits are free.

From surprise birthday parties and anniversaries, to corporate events to weddings, contact us to light up the sky at your next celebration.